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Alone Among the Court is a journaling and roleplaying game for one player. You are a diplomat of your homeland, pledged to a foreign court, the personification of an alliance. You must learn the culture of this court and integrate, but they keep you at arm’s length. You are patronized, lied to, or ignored entirely out of prejudice and malice. You must carefully position yourself to observe them. 

Requires something to write on and with, a standard deck of playing cards, and a six-side die.

This game is a hack of Takuma Okada’s Alone Among the Stars.

Actual Plays

Evandro_Novel recorded a session which included additional card options and a beautiful hand-drawn map. Check out their play report for a story of mundane courtly dealings evolving into a conflict for power. 

For an augmented version of play, Klawzie incorporated tarot cards, oracles, and the Decision Dice framework from FU: The Freeform/Universal RPG and adapted by Tiny Solitary Soldiers. This added a lot of prompts and interpretive imagery to the game. You can see an example of that game in their play report and check out their game artwork at klawzie.itch.io.


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