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 No one knows what caused the event that brought the crystals into our universe. The effects of the CATACLYSM were felt on every planet in every system, though never in predictable ways. Some planets saw lush jungles spring forth from arid deserts while other planets crumbled into themselves, becoming desolate spheres of rock and ash.


CRYSTAL SOULS is a science fantasy adventure game. Players will take on the role of a person touched by the essence of the crystals, able to perform superhuman feats of strength and skill, destined for greatness and calamity. Your adventures make take you across the galaxy in search of powerful artifacts, pit you against a vicious crime boss destroying your city, or bring you face to face with insidious evil that seeks to corrupt the crystals for their own ends. Only the crystals know what is to come…


CRYSTAL SOULS is built on the Caltrop Core system created by Titanomachy RPG and for the Caltrop Core Jam


This game was released in a hurry to make the jam deadline. I have plans to create a B&W/printer-friendly version of the game, as well as some additional essences and backgrounds, and maybe even premade campaign stories. All of this will be free updates to people who purchase today. Thank you! 

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AuthorMatthew Gravelyn
TagsAction-Adventure, caltrop, caltrop-core, science-fantasy, Sci-fi


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I am, unfortunately, disappointed with this product. 

I like the idea behind the setting. I really like the fail forward implementation of Caltrop Core, and the ways the various "classes" interact with the mechanic. And the production value is fine. 

However, it feels like a major chunk of this game is missing. There are numerous references to the power of the crystals, in both the setting description and the character blurbs, but there is no discussion of what those powers actually are or of what characters can do with them. Seems like a major oversight. 

I'm sorry you feel that way. The "crystals" are a fun way of referring to the 4-sided dice while also sort of tying them into the world of the game. The more crystals (dice) you have, the more powerful you are and can roll more of them to do more things. The powers are the things each character can do, "powered" by the crystals, or mechanically, by rolling dice. If you have any suggestions on how to make that more clear, please let me know! Thank you. 

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! You said, "The powers are the things each character can do," but what are the things characters can do? You mentioned Star Wars, Firefly, and Dune as some of your inspirations; the things considered to be "powers" in those settings are quite different from one another! Since it seems like your game implies a setting, I'd love to know what kind of things you picture PCs capable of doing in that setting! 

I do really like the supply/pool dynamic and the failing forward, and will probably use something like it in a game I'm running!

The different abilities given to a character by their Essence and Background, as well as all action covered by the basic mechanic of the game. The setting is implied so you can play it how you want; it's not supposed to be tied to any one universe or genre.