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Hey Kids! I'm new to this devlog stuff, but I wanted to share a couple bits about the state of Mall Kids with you all.

First, we have a Mall Kids Discord! If you are interested in chatting with others about the game, asking questions, or sharing streams and content, come join us! We're still a very small community, so now's the perfect time to get in and meet folx in a chill environment, before we become super popular that is.

I also added a Mall Kids listing on RPG Geek. So far it's just a little info and some photos, but I would love for people to add Mall Kids to their collections, track plays, possibly leave a rating, and all the other buttons and options RPG Geek has to offer. 

Finally, the expansion! I am deep into working on an expansion for Mall Kids. This will contain several mini-expansion that include new rules, goals, and playstyles. The best part is that they're all modular, so you can mix and match any or all of them to customize your game exactly how you want it. There will also be more option tables for malls as well as kids. I am also working with several talented creators to come up with their own options and expansions. There's so much stuff here it will likely be another 20ish page zine, which is exactly what I'm planning to make available in an upcoming Kickstarter. Either way, the PDF version of the expansion will be available here for purchase after that project ends. Keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.

Thanks for checking out my very first devlog. I hope I did this properly... I appreciate your support! 

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