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These templates will help you create your own trifold pamphlet in two ways: a smaller, folded pamphlet, great for plain copy paper with no "ghost" images, or a full page pamphlet, which is much larger but recommended for thicker paper. There are several options depending on your needs and tools, including:

  • Procreate File - simply open this file in Procreate and you're ready to go! The pages, labels, and lines are all there in separate layers you can toggle to fit your needs. Includes templates for the interior pages as well as the optional covers.
  • Photoshop File - same as above but for Photoshop. Lots of layers and groups for you to toggle to your liking, as well as Guides to help you snap to the pages. 
  • Overlay Files - for those looking to customize their own template, I've included each of the transparent overlay files here: full pages, "safe" pages with margins, labels, and lines. 

I'm offering these templates for free because everyone should be able to make games, zines, and art in general without having to do everything from scratch. If the templates help you out, please share them with your friends and social networks. Tips are also greatly appreciated! 

For more templates and guides, check out my TTRPG Resources collection.

If you use this template to create amazing stuff, please let me know! I would also appreciate it if you pointed folks to the template so they can make their own too. If you run into any issues or have feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me a tweet or DM on Twitter @mrmatthew

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Wanted to share my first attempt at a trifold zine/game (first at all of it) and your template helped with the sizing and spacingHigh Noon

Poker hands and Dice Rolls to see who's the last one standing
Give credit to where credit is due

Thank you so much for this.

You are very welcome!!