Clever Girl Updated Edition

Hello everyone! Today is a big day, the day we release the updated, full layout, interior art versions of Clever Girl! These editions were funded as part of a crowdfunding effort I did last year and are now coming to all of you as a free update. That's right, if you've purchased Clever Girl in the past, these new digital versions are completely free for you to download. There is a full color version, perfect for your screens, and a low-ink version that you can print out and make your own zine at home. 

These beautiful books are also heading to the printer soon! Backers are receiving books and, if you missed the campaign, you still have a little time to get a book ordered. I don't have a fancy storefront and Itch doesn't handle physical rewards very well, so if you want some books, DM me on Twitter @mrmatthew. They will be $20 for the pair plus shipping. 

Huge thanks to Ruby Lavin for the wonderful layout and to Michael Beachy, Thomas Novosel, Mars Pinkelman, and Madelyn Vagott for their amazing contributions to the art. 

As always, please consider rating Clever Girl here on Itch, and let me know about all your Clever Girl games and experiences. Thanks! 


Clever Girl - Human.pdf 15 MB
Mar 01, 2022
Clever Girl - Raptor.pdf 22 MB
Mar 01, 2022
Clever Girl - Human - Low Ink.pdf 2 MB
Mar 02, 2022
Clever Girl - Raptor - Low Ink.pdf 2 MB
Mar 02, 2022

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