A downloadable Spindlewheel Deck

This is the project page for my Spindlewheel 2020 daily card challenge. I was inspired by Ben Roswell who has declared 2020 the year of Spindlewheel. You can follow my progress in real-time via this Twitter thread

The Year of Spindlewheel

From the official Spindlewheel site: "Spindlewheel is an interpretive tarot-like storytelling game where you weave together a story from card to card."

I am endeavoring to create a new Spindlewheel-inspired card every day in 2020 not only to create a personal deck to play with but also to encourage consistent writing habits. If you would also like to participate, here are some resources to help you:

Spindlewheel was created by Sasha Reneau. Check out Spindlewheel and more of their games at 22to22.itch.io

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