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Hold all worlds and all stories in your hand with this simple and evocative  game.

What is Tapestry?

Tapestry is a blank slate, a fresh canvas, a new page on which to write any and all stories. It is a storytelling game with simple rules and shared narrative control among all players. It is free of any themes or settings and instead relies on intuitive word association to drive the game. Similar to tarot or oracle cards, the game uses simple prompts which, when combined with the players' imaginations and desires, magically turns into a rich story full of wonderful characters, intense action, and beautiful scenery. 

In playtesting, Tapestry games have ranged from monster hunters embroiled in urban political intrigue, space pirates seeking to reclaim their honor from an unscrupulous bounty hunter, and Regency-era queer magicians throwing parties and climbing the social ladder. The possibilities are virtually endless!

What do I Get?

This digital edition of Tapestry includes the following:

  • Card sheets for at home printing, including card fronts, card backs, and blank cards to fill in yourself. Includes files for single- and double-side printing. You'll need to provide 12 tokens for physical play. 
  • Roll20 compatible files for creating virtual decks, including faces and back.
  • Digital rules in both screen reader as well as printable accordion booklet.


"That game was, god, it was really perfect. Honestly, it made me cry editing it, which I think is about the highest praise that I can give an episode. Just a really beautiful story, the game facilitated that and encouraged us and gave us ritual to play with in all the ways you want a storytelling game to do. I could not be happier about the play experience we had, it was truly special and I'm truly grateful. " - Jeff Stormer, Party of One Podcast, Episode 343, 10/12/2022
Absolutely beautiful game, the mint tin idea is very clever and I'm excited to keep this in my bag forever. It's perfect for carrying around, like a deck of cards, except now you can invite people to create a story with you wherever you are!  - dionDecarnate
I haven't gotten a chance to play it with other people yet, but it works great as a solo game/creative writing exercise. I especially like the rules for creating characters and their relationships, it really drives you to make them interesting. - seedling

Physical Version

You can play Tapestry entirely digitally as well as print components for your own mint tin version, but if you'd like to get a completely produced version of Tapestry, you can do so on The Game Crafter. Physical versions come complete with a mint tin, wooden tokens, rule booklet, and high-quality cards with linen and UV coating. 

Tapestry Physical Edition

Want More?

If you're looking to expand upon your Tapestry experience, there are several expansion that can be added to any Tapestry deck to add thematic elements. Expansions currently include: 

  • Fantasy - epic tales of swords and monsters
  • Heroes - superheroes saving the world
  • Monster - horrific accounts of terrifying creatures
  • Sci Fi - amazing stories of far-away galaxies
  • Witchcraft - wonderous tales of witches and folklore
  • Magical - beautiful transformations and sparkling magic

For a simpler and kid-friendly version, please check out Tapestry Junior

Tapestry was created by Matthew Gravelyn, edited and playtested by Jon Boyle, and features art and design by Alex Perkins

Tapestry SRD

Want to create content compatible with Tapestry? You can check out the Tapestry System Reference Document (SRD)  for information about attribution, allowances, and guides for creating new content. 

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AuthorMatthew Gravelyn
GenreCard Game
Tagscards, GM-Less, mint-tin, storytelling, word-association, world-building


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Community Copy

For those who are experiencing economic hardship, especially as a result of being part of a marginalize group, you can download a free copy of Tapestry here, no questions asked. I will be adding more community copies here for every copy of the game sold at full price. 

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I'd really love to get a copy of this game when there are more community copies available!

Just added some. Enjoy!


Thank you so much! I've just grabbed a copy. I can't wait to play it. Thanks again!

No problem, hope you enjoy it! I would love to hear about your game if you'd like to share, and if you could, please leave a review when you have a moment. It really helps!


Just a beautiful, well crafted game. It is sitting on my night stand because sometimes before bed I like to crack it open and fiddle with its cards and chits. Makes wonderful stories as well.